ProFound Sound

ProFound Sound

Audio is one of the most important qualities that should be present in the life of a human. Sound allows us to hear things and have a better understanding and have an enhanced experience when it comes to movies, computers and electronics. But, most of the time many laptops and computers come with low quality audio that can appear to be heard as fuzzy and the dialogue is barely audible and unclear. More

FREE Sound Card Download

Are you still plagued by the barely audible sounds produced from the tiny computer speakers in your laptop? ProfoundSound, the newly created sound enhancer audio soundcard from QuickFilter Technology, has the answer to your woes, and what’s even more unbelievable, it is offering you a free download!

Just check out all that this sound card enhancer can do for YOU:

  • Easy downloadable software app
  • Digital filtering
  • Enhanced audio
  • Surround sound
  • True dynamic treble and bass
  • Compatible with all pc’s
  • Boosts the performance of Laptop or stand alone PC Stereo Speakers, as well as Headphones

The ProfoundSound Control Panel, is undoubtedly, the best feature of the ProfoundSound, application, which allows you avid rockers to customize your settings according to your listening preferences, utilizing all the above features, plus a dynamic equalizer and high frequency restoration, as well as having excellent factory default settings for the casual listener. The Control Panel
allows the listener total control over his audio environment with the ability to alter the algorithm values to his or her favorite preferences with the option to save each style desired for his multiple choices of entertainment.

The ProfoundSound Bass Enhancement rivals even the best home theater equipment, with their expensive huge speakers and sub-woofers. You can enjoy that favorite movie or concert video the way it was made to be heard, without those costly, extra, add-ons from the competition. The competition attempts to provide bass enhancement, but can only do so through boosting the bass region. This process often leads to unwanted bass frequencies, causing too much energy to the speaker and thus you have saturation and distortion. By dynamically adjusting and operating on specific frequencies, ProfoundSound’s cutting edge technology is able to minimize distortion with it’s Bass Enhancement that other audio software developers fail to provide.

The ProfoundSound Spatializer allows customers to enjoy multiple channel surround sound with only two speaker channels! This is totally non-existent without the technologies using proprietary algorithms to create a more outstanding experience, by enabling enhancement of the sound staging and presence of the audio, thereby allowing both multi-channel recordings as well as traditional 2 channel ones. ProfoundSound utilizes the patent-pending TruDynamics for processing these algorithms, that surpasses all other recording abilities to date by the competition. With the TruDynamics algorithms, all effects (bass, treble, ect.) that is most often found in the source material is automatically optimized, no matter what the recording, therefor regardless of how the track was recorded, all the sound effects are balanced and consistent.

Download and try the new Profound Sound completely functional enhancer free version from the ProFound Sound website, who’s patent-pending technology will separate “The Best from The Rest”! Dramatically enhance the way you enjoy your world of sound with Quickfilter Technologies ProfoundSound software suite, currently available for Windows PC’s and Laptops, which is very affordable and provides consumers with cost effectivness in solutions, without the need for expensive, extensive hardware or software replacement.

Free Sound Card Download